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Biblical Discipleship is a 16-week course which discusses basic and foundational truths that will be relevant to every new and growing believer.

This material has greatly helped us in teaching basic but indispensable doctrines in the Bible. We are constantly upgrading our online facilities, and will soon offer the pdf version of this material that can be downloaded for personal or church consumption.

1. Each disciple will be assigned to a trained teacher that will facilitate all lessons. 

3. At the end of each lesson, there will be questions that will be taken home. 

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2. Handouts and supplementary materials will be provided by the teacher.

4. In some lessons, there will be memory verses, supplementary homework, and activity which shall be answered or rendered (if applicable) by the students.

5. There will be major exams for this course and it will be divided into the 8th and 16th week.

6. All students who will complete all the prerequisites will be given a plaque at the end of the year, and will be eligible to disciple others.

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