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It’s our first time to have a 4-day family camp.

It took us 2 buses, a transport truck, and 6 private vehicles to move everyone to and from the camp site.

Thank you to our committees and advance party for organizing everything up to the last detail. From mounting the tent under scorching heat, improvising a kitchen, to mounting a media headquarters in the camp site. It was a great challenge but you were all efficient - thanks to your teamwork and good spirit.

As the campers arrived, they were welcomed with a refreshment and were ushered to their respective tents. After the camp rules were discussed, Pastor Omar gave an exhortation about “A Time to Keep”.

The rest of the night was filled with singing hymns, children running carefree, and brethren visiting each other’s tents. What a great first night. It’s time to rest early to get ready for tomorrow’s team building.


Through the years, God's hand has wonderfully worked in His church; the growth of His ministry is very visible through the changed lives and the tripled numbers in our young people's department.

We thank God because these youngsters are willing to submit, be trained, and be founded in the Word of God that will enable them to Make the Difference in a world that has drastically drifted from God's Truth.

We give back all the glory and praises to God for enabling all the young people of BBC - Milan to join the recently concluded Youth Quest of BYP - Makati virtually. In line with this, we also had our programs to cater to the Young people onsite where we feasted in His Word through the men of God who rebuked, challenged and encouraged us in standing and making the difference for God's glory.


We congratulate our winners: Bro. Jacob Tolentino and Sis. Sofia Dela Cruz - Champions for Instrumental ensemble and Bro. Samuel Manzano - 3rd place in the Preaching contest.

All glory and praises belong to God alone.

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